FOO Fighters  over Alaska

'Foo Fighters' were a strange phenomenon that occurred during WWII.  The term 'foo fighter' was used by the Allied Forces to describe unidentified flying objects over the European and Pacific theaters of war.  Usually the sightings of 'foo fighters' were said to be fast moving objects, brightly lit or glowing, sometimes 'christmas tree' shaped, flying in formation, hovering, and resisted being outmaneuvered or shot down.  In the European theater, they were sometimes called 'Kraut Fireballs'.

In 1952, the Robertson Panel decided that 'foo fighters' were the result of natural electrostatic phenomenon such as St. Elmo's Fire or even light reflections in ice crystals.  

In June 1942, Alaska (then a territory) had a small invasion of Japanese out in the Aleutian Islands of Attu and Kiska.  The military campaign, known as "The Forgotten Battle", is the only foreign invasion during WWII on land that would later become an official state of the US.  The campaign was ended August 1943.

Foo Fighter Sightings Over Alaska

  • April 30, 1943 - Sighting of four linearly arranged red lights in Bering Sea from the USS Williamson (Destroyer) by captain and crew.

  • July 1945 - Mysterious object spotted from the deck of Delarof, a US Army transport ship on its way from Alaska to Seattle.  Seen by at least 14 crew.

  • August 1947 - At Ft. Richardson, Alaska, two officers told of sighting a spherical object about 10 feet in diameter flying through the air at tremendous speed, leaving no vapor trail.

  • July 1949 - Disc seen over Fairbanks, AK by a survey crew.

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