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John Gagnon is currently​ the State Director of Alaska, Florida, Alabama, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, Mississippi, Montana, and Hawaii.

Email: P51Pilot.fl.mufon@gmail.com

State Director of Alaska

John Gagnon

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Jessie Desmond has been a MUFON Field Investigator since 2011.  During that time she has been Assistant State Director (with Brent Mitchel as State Director), State Director, and is currently both State Section Director and Chief Investigator.  She attended the Joe Kubert School of Art (B.A. 2D Animation) and the University of Alaska, Fairbanks (B.A. History).

Email: JessieDesmond@Rocketmail.com

State Section Director

Chief Investigator

Jessie Desmond


Retired electronics engineer.  Has lived in Alaska since 1970. Worked for Arco and BP Alaska on the North Slope for 30 years. With his wife, Debbie, he raised six children in his home in Chugiak, Alaska. He is a pilot and owner of two light aircraft, an Aeronca Sedan and a Just Aircraft Superstol.

Email: mufonakfi@yahoo.com

Field Investigator

Francis Soltis


Retired Anchorage School District teacher. She taught chemistry, general science and Astronomy for almost 20 years at Chugiak High School. With her husband, Francis, she raised six children in her home in Chugiak, Alaska. 

Email: akmufon@yahoo.com

Field Investigator

Debbie Soltis

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Field Investigator

Carmen Jackson